TriCaster repair parts available for sale

Intel DG965SS motherboard for TriCaster STUDIO,
five in stock, OEM boards

Intel DG33BU motherboard for TriCaster STUDIO and
BROADCAST, six in stock, OEM boards

Intel DG45ID motherboard for TriCaster STUDIO and
BROADCAST, five in stock (three in retail box)

Intel DQ45CB motherboard for TriCaster STUDIO and
BROADCAST, four in stock as OEM or refurbished boards

Intel DG67HD motherboard, two in retail box, 

Intel DQ67OW motherboard, used in TriCaster 450/455/460,
TriCaster 850/855/860, early TriCaster 40, later TriCaster 300,
3Play 425, have one OEM and five refurbished motherboards

MSI X58M motherboard, used in early TriCaster 300 and
TriCaster 850, with CPU and RAM, one refurbished board for sale

Asus Rampage Genesis motherboard for early TriCaster 300
and 3Play 330, with CPU/CPU FAN/RAM, two refurbished boards

TriCaster DUO motherboard, pair of refurbished motherboards 

TriCaster 100 motherboards, B, C, D and E boards, refurbished 

All TriCaster PRO motherboards, refurbished 

Refurbished NewTek VT cards for all standard-def TriCasters
except later TriCaster STUDIOs (Samsung vs non-Samsung)

Used NewTek VT card for later TriCaster STUDIOS (non-Samsung card) 

Front panels for TriCaster PRO, refurbished 

Refurbished TriCaster STUDIO front panels 

TriCaster BROADCAST front panel, new 

TriCaster 300 front panel, new 

eVGA 7300 video cards for TriCaster 100/PRO/PROFX/ 
STUDIO and BROADCAST, refurbished, three available

PNY 9400 video card for TriCaster 100/PRO/STUDIO
and BROADCAST, refurbished, three available

eVGA 220 video card for 3Play 330, TriCaster STUDIO and
BROADCAST, refurbished, one available

eVGA 430 video card for TriCaster STUDIO/BROADCAST, 
three new in retail boxes

PNY 9800 video card, for TriCaster 300, one available, 

PNY 450 video card for TriCaster 450, new in retail box 

PNY 640 video card,  refurbished, for later TriCaster 450, etc. 

TriCaster BROADCAST system drives, new, from NewTek
one each of the TB0N and TB5N system drives (other TriCaster BROADCAST system drives plus TriCaster STUDIO/100/PRO/PROFX and DUO drives are also available

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