We repair end-of-life TriCasters that NewTek no longer supports

Do you have an older TriCaster that has stopped functioning and that NewTek no longers works on? If so, please contact us immediately!

We repair TriCasters that NewTek have stopped supporting. This includes the following TriCaster models: TriCaster 100, TriCaster PRO, TriCaster DUO, TriCaster STUDIO, TriCaster BROADCAST, TriCaster 300, TriCaster 450 and TriCaster 850. We also work on newer TriCasters such as the 40, 455 and 855, etc. that are out of warranty with NewTek.

We charge a nominal fee to determine what is wrong with your TriCaster. We have both the parts and the expertise to get your old TriCaster working again. Once we have determined what is required to repair your TriCaster, we will send you a detailed repair invoice listing all parts, labor and return shipping costs. At that point you can tell us to complete the repairs or the return the system back to you in its original condition or possibly trade the system in for a new TriCaster.

We also sell TriCaster repair parts if you decide you want to do the work yourself. This includes motherboards, video cards, power supplies, hard drives with all of the original software, VT cards and front panels, etc. For example, for the TriCaster BROADCAST and STUDIO we have the Intel DG965SS, DG33BU, DG45ID and DQ45CB motherboards in stock. We also have the eVGA 7300, eVGA 9400, 220 and PNY430 video cards in stock. We also have the system drives for these systems complete with Windows XP Pro software, motherboard and video card drivers plus the TriCaster software. Click here for a list of currently available TriCaster repair parts. Please contact us with any of your TriCaster parts needs. We are constantly adding new repair parts to our inventory.

Feel free to contact Matt Drabick at mdrabick@mindspring.com or call 919 790 5488 with any questions you may have. Or you can enter your contact information and TriCaster repair needs by clicking here.